Erste Holzbiene

Am 4.3.2021 aufgenommen

Einer Holzbiene bin ich schon mal am 2.3. begegnet.

Dieses Mal konnte ich sie aber fotografieren, wenn auch nur “halb”.
Meine Spiegelreflex streikte und so konnte ich in den wenigen Sekunden nur obiges Foto machen.
Dank auch nachträglich dem Winterjasmin, der die massive Biene angelockt hatte.

25 thoughts on “Erste Holzbiene

  1. Wow, that is an impressive bee, and every photo doesn’t have to be perfectly sharp – sometimes it’s refreshing to see a little blur. I haven’t seen any bees yet but there must be a few coming out soon, because the first wild bushes have begun to flower. Winter jasmine – nice!!

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    1. Yeah, that bee is quite impressive, Lynn.
      I first saw it some 3 years ago – it looked for adequate holes in a dead tree. Couldn’t take proper pictures then.
      The second time half a year later on a meadow.
      I managed to take decent pictures but to my surprise it came closer and closer, so I could take very good ones at the end.
      Some don’t like that bee, because it’s too massive, but I’m always delighted to see it again.

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      1. I think I would be, too. I don’t know if there are bees as large as that in the US, but there is a wonderful insect called a hawk-moth or hummingbird moth that has wings that hum like a hummingbird and is quite large. The first time I saw one I was so excited.


        1. That hawk-moth is called Taubenschwänzchen here. It doesn’t stay too long, so you have to be fast and cautious. My best picture here is a hawk- moth with a wool fluff on one its eyes.
          I irst saw it in Greece where nobody seemed to know what i was talking about.


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