Blaues keramisches Objekt

Ich möchte Euch ein keramisches Objekt vorstellen, das ich Anfang Januar 2021 gefertigt hatte.

Das ist sozusagen eine “Pseudokugel.”
Eine Kugel aus einer unteren Schale mit zwei Kugelviertel obenauf, die versetzt zusammengefügt wurden.

14 thoughts on “Blaues keramisches Objekt

    1. Many thanks, Lynn!
      Btw: I mainly use a “rough” English here, not using a translator, because it’s faster to respond such way.

      Hopefully I will work on ceramics again. I suffer from Neurodermitis in my hands. Very stubborn and not willimng to go 🙂

      By the way: That stone with the water belongs to a Zen-garden, my wife has created long time ago.

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      1. Unfortunately, I have to use the translator…I studied French in school so that’s not very helpful on German blogs. I really appreciate the fact that so many Europeans are fluent in English, including you! Rough or not!
        Sorry to hear about the hand problems. But they work well enough to photograph the zen garden. 🙂 I’d love to see it.

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        1. I studied French too 🙂
          Not easy to take pics of the zen garden as a whole. it’s a small one .
          The whole garden, where the zen garden is part of, is well structered. Lots of ceramic objects have their place here and there.

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