Only one left

In the afternoon I wanted to take a little walk, my SLR camera with me.
Soon, by chance, I reached the place where my interest in macro photography had once ignited. At this place there is always a tansy bush, already for at least 4 years.
At that time I discovered all kinds of life on it, from bugs, wild bees, flies, moths, small butterflies and so on.

I remembered the start of all my doing and shot a first photo, what I picture here.
Then was the end. The battery empty.
You should check if the device still has juice before you go out 🙂

14 thoughts on “Only one left

      1. Einerseits ja, die Beweglichkeit ist besser, aber der Oberarmmuskel schmerzt noch bei bestimmten Bewegungen. Zu lange vorm PC tut immer noch nicht gut, deshalb fasse ich mich gerade kurz. Deine Artikel hatte ich heute früh schon gelesen 🙂

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