Wanderer zwischen den Welten/Wanderer between worlds

Polistes dominula

Die Haus-Feldwespe ist hier zuhause, genauer in der Keramikkugel rechts.
Auswahl gab es viele, Kugel grenzt an Kugel.

The house field wasp is at home here, more precisely in the ceramic sphere on the right.
There were many to choose from, sphere bordering on sphere.

Diese Wespe ist harmlos, sie kann bestenfalls zwicken, wenn überhaupt.

This wasp is harmless, at best it can pinch, if at all.

13 thoughts on “Wanderer zwischen den Welten/Wanderer between worlds

    1. In German they once called it “Gallische Feldwespe”, which relates to the “French wasp”, you mentioned. The term paper wasp is also known to me.
      I find it interesting that they are still around.
      Thank you. Marc!

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