Sommerflieder mit Kleinschmetterlingen

Gewöhnlich sehe ich eher grössere Falter auf dem Sommerflieder

Hier aber waren auch die Kleineren zugange:

Ein Wickler, den ich nicht näher bestimmen kann
Selten mal, daß er aus dem Dunkel heraus kam
Ein Bläuling
Hier macht er gerade Pause an der Gartenmauer

Fotos vom 02.09.2021

Dieser Sommerflieder war geradezu bevölkert von Schmetterlingen: Citrusfalter, Perlmuttfalter ,Distelfalter, Weisslinge, Admiral,…

17 thoughts on “Sommerflieder mit Kleinschmetterlingen

        1. I never met someone who I know online. 😦

          Today we visited the botanic garden in Bayreuth.
          Unsurprisingly I took about 1.500 pics. Nevertheless I think I saw only a small amount of all the exotic plants. 100 pics I did were done to remember the name of the plants.
          In between I felt rather exhausted but you have to go on. Such a variety and a lot of display boards…

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          1. Meeting people you know online is great – I met Ule, too, and at least 4 other people, in the US and EU. I would love to come back to northern Europe.
            I can understand your exhaustion at the end of a day at a botanic garden, wow! So many photos. I take photos of labels sometimes, too. 😉 Well, I look forward to seeing photos from Bayreuth BG. 🙂

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            1. It must have been nice to meet Ule and Almuth. 🙂
              I have a great relationship to both of them.

              The exhaustion in Bayreuth also comes from the fact that I seem to perceive many things much too intensively.
              This makes me think back to a spiritual course (in which I did not participate!) that was offered in my area before the turn of the millennium: To perceive more intensively with all senses.
              Today I think whether it is advisable to perceive more intensely than usual: Seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, feeling and thinking. This does not increase the quality of life, it only makes one more vulnerable.

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              1. Perceiving things too intensely – I understand that well. It helps one’s creative life but can be hard on one’s body-mind. There are probably some people who would benefit from perceiving more intensely but I think you and I are not in that group. 🙂

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