Kunst im öffentlichen Raum


James Rosenquist schreibt in seinem exzellenten Buch “Painting below zero”auch über Kunst im öffentlichen Raum.

Publing funding of the arts can be misguided and misplaced. You can’t shove art down people’s throats. Robert Moses and Alfred Barr put up an Alexander Calder sculpture in Harlem. It wasn’t popular and eventually people there said, “Get that out of here.” So it’s often a question of how you can sell a pece of art that’s unfamiliar. You can’t just plonk it down and expect people to get it. You have to educate people about art; otherwise they won’t want it sitting in their front yard anymore. You can’t set up a piece of sculpture in a park and hope for the best.

“Painting below zero”, S.250


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